My name is Jessica Nicholson Oates. I grew up in the Lake Country area, moved to Madison, WI for schooling, and then moved back to the area once I started a family. I consider myself to be very optimistic, genuine, and thoughtful. I believe, if I am my true self that it will help others feel comfortable enough to show me their true self. You will always be greeted with a smile, as I have a very positive and have an upbeat attitude. Lastly, I love listening and learning about my clients. This allows me to put personal touches and thought into all that I do for my clients so that they feel special, cared for, and have a positive experience.

I consider myself to be a lifelong learner and love to learn about relationships, families, and especially women’s health. I will list below my education and training. My education is continuous as I actively meet more people and listen to their stories, read more books, and take in any education I can.     
I have a history of working with many different families through care taking and as a Family Therapist. My whole life, I have been driven to working with women and kiddos. When I learned all the positive benefits a Birth and Postpartum Doula can have for families and the birth/postpartum experience, I was drawn to it! I feel very passionate about being a Doula by empowering expecting individuals and enhancing the birth experience throughout their postpartum period.

Thank you for taking the time to read about me, I truly believe there is a Doula for every family that wants one. I would love to meet with you to learn all about you! Please keep reading to learn more about Tree of Life...

About the Doula

I love the outdoors, exploring new places, learning new things, staying active, and I consider myself a bubble bath connoisseur. I have made it my life's mission to find the worlds best pizza, Cesar salad, and almond croissants.  When I am not busy doing those things you will find me with my family or friends!


"Hate's a strong word" my mom always told me, so my list is small... when people (especially birthing people/parents) are not treated fairly or respectfully. 



Are you an expecting parent, thoughtful birth partner, or maybe someone curious about birth work or what a Doula is? Then you have come to the right place! My hope is that everyone feels welcome in this space, to find support, and the right resources for them.

To learn more, keep scrolling or click the navigate links. To view all of TOL's content please view it on a desktop to see FAQ's, resource guide, and more. You can also follow TOL on Instagram and Facebook for inspiration and all things birth related @tolbirthdoula. To connect to TOL directly, please email I look forward to hearing from you!

Tree of Life.

Doula & Birth Services.

Photography by Leah Kornish

Education & Training

B.S. In Psychology from Edgewood College
M.S. In Marriage and Family Therapy from Edgewood College
Childbirth Education from Dr. Amy Gilliland (DONA certified)
Birth Doula training from Dr. Amy Gilliland (DONA certified)
Powerful Prenatal Workshop training from Dr. Amy Gilliland (DONA certified)
Prenatal Yoga Level 1 training from Amy Kranz, Ph.D., E-RYT, RPYT & Doula
Spinning Babies trained by Tammy Ryan, AdvCD/BDT (DONA), SpBT
Certified in Acupressure for Birth by “Acupressure for Birth”
Lactation Management for Doula’s by L.E.R (DONA certified)
Breastfeeding Support for Doula’s by Barbara Robertson (DONA certified)
Postpartum Doula Training from Patty Brennan (DONA certified)
Herbs for the Childbearing year by Katia Lemore (Midwife & Herbalist)

Tree of Life LLC. is a business which provides Birth and Postpartum Doula services to people that are expecting a baby or just have welcomed home a new baby. I serve mainly the Lake Country/ Waukesha County area but am willing to travel anywhere in a 70 mile radius. My hope is to build a community of families that can support each other through all the different phases of life. Stay tuned as TOL will be expanding it's services!

About Tree of Life.

To get in touch please email


Photography by Leah Kornish.

Photography by Leah Kornish.

~ 2-3 Prenatal visits.
~ 24/7 availability via phone or email for questions and concerns.
~ On call from 38 to 42 Weeks. 
~ Continuous support throughout your labor and delivery.
~ Take pictures, if desired. 
~ Support/breaks for "birth partner (s)".
~ Guidance with breastfeeding, if desired.
~ Up to 3 hours initial post delivery support. 
~ 2-3 postpartum visits in the home.

Full Package Highlights

$650.00 (plus tax)

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Photography by Leah Kornish.

all but the birth Package Highlights

$300.00 (plus tax)

~ 2-3 Prenatal visits. 
~ 24/7 availability via phone or email for questions and concerns.
~ Available via phone during the labor and initial post delivery for questions.
~ Guidance with breastfeeding, if desired. 
~ 2- 3 postpartum visits in the home.   

Just the birth Package Highlights

~ 1 Prenatal visit
~ 24/7 availability via phone or email for questions and concerns.
~ On call from 38 to 42 Weeks.
~ Continuous support throughout your labor and delivery.
~ Take pictures, if desired.
~ Guidance with breastfeeding, if desired.
~ Support/breaks for "birth partner(s)".
~ Up to 3 hours initial post delivery support.
~ 1 postpartum visit in the home. 

$500.00 (Plus Tax)

Postpartum Support

As a PP Doula, my main goal is to individualize care for a family, to help ease the transition, and help support you during the early postpartum phase that could include but not limited too...
~ Overnight Care
 ~ Errands
~ Light Housekeeping & Organization 
~ Pet Care
~ Cooking
~ Help with older children
~ Newborn Care
~ Listening Ear
~ Birth Story
~ Share Information (ex. baby wearing, cloth diapering, herbal remedies, breastfeeding, sleeping, and more)
~ Multiples
~ Screen for PP Mood disorders and help with general coping strategies
~ Support Self-Care
~ Referrals/Resources

Minimum hours per shift: 4 hr/day shift & 8 hr/night shift

Hourly services:
$30.00/hr (plus Tax)
$25.00/hr (plus tax) for previous birth clients

Postpartum package:
50 hours up to 8 weeks postpartum
$1,450.00 (plus tax) 

Please contact me for more information regarding DETAILS or pricing. I do feel strongly about families getting the SUPPORT that they want/need so I do offer a sliding scale and package adjustments.


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Doula Prices & Packages


"Birth is not only about making babies. It's about making mothers- strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and believe in their inner strength."

  Barbara Katz Rothman

I believe that every expecting person is strong, intelligent, and beautiful. Childbirth is one way in which people show their strength and power. Today, many people birth in fear and feeling that they have no options or power. My goal is to help empower individuals to feel confident in their birth options and confident in their bodies and instincts. My hope is that families feel fully supported and cared for throughout their experience, and beginning of new life! 

Photography by Leah Kornish. 


What is a birth doula?

A Birth Doula is a person who provides emotional and physical support to a laboring person. As a Birth Doula trained by DONA, I was trained in techniques that are supported by research or evidence-based techniques. Techniques that I use are specific to the laboring person and the labor/delivery but they could include massage, cold/hot therapy, use of a birthing tool, assist with position changes, assist with comfort needs, support birth partner (s), empower parent (s) to speak on their desires, listening, and a lot more. I also help prepare for the birth and postpartum phase. We will discuss these more as we work together.  

What are the benefits of a birth doula?

Research shows that some of the benefits of having a Birth Doula is less likely to need a cesarean birth, less likely to need Pitocin, less likely to need pain medication, and higher rates of a positive birth experience. In general, we provide continuous support to the laboring mother, support the "birth partner (s)", and can enhance the birth experience for baby and laboring person. Please click this link to see research articles that explains the specific findings: DONA article. 

Do you take the place of dads/partners/family members?

Absolutely not. “Birth Partner(s)” all play a VERY important role in the birth of a baby. A Birth Doula’s role is to be flexible with how the laboring person and their birth partner will need support. The role of a Doula can vary family to family and that is perfectly normal. Here are some main areas of how a Doula could differ or add additional support: works together with the birth partner for a team approach to help comfort laboring individual, recognize normal/abnormal signs, assist with comfort techniques and positions, assist with communication, be an unbiased body, if baby/mom were to get separated there will be two of us to stay with each person, take pictures so you can just enjoy the moment, actively listen to expecting person and birth partner, give the birth partner a break, and make sure the birth partner is well supported. My approach is to individualize support and care per family to what their needs and desires. 

What if I have a planned or unplanned "MEDICATED" or cesarean birth, can you still help?

Yes! I am trained in how to assist a laboring person even if they had an epidural/IV pain medications and how to help even in a cesarean. I believe whether interventions are planned or unplanned it is your birth and I am here to help you. Let’s discuss this more.

Is there anyone or any "type" of birth you don't work with?

The answer is mostly no. I can work in any setting (hospital, birth center, or home), work with any relationship/family type, work with unmedicated or medicated births, work with any religious/spiritual belief system, first time to experienced expecting person, singlets to multiples, different races or cultures, and more. I encourage people to meet with multiple Doulas to make sure that they find the best fit for them. I am not able to support "unassisted childbirth".

* I will be revising my FAQs to include frequent postpartum questions. Please check back in a couple of weeks or feel free to contact me with any questions. 







Resources and Helpful tools

Local Resources

Pregnancy, Childbirth and the Newborn: the Complete Guide by Penny Simkin, April Bolding, Ann Keppler, and
Janelle Durham  

The Birth Partner: A Complete Guide to Childbirth for Dads, Doulas and All Other Labor Companions by Penny

Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth by Ina May Gaskin 

Breastfeeding made simple... by Nancy Mohrbacher & Kathleen Kendal- Tackett

Good Moms Have Scary Thoughts: A Healing Guide to Secret Fears of New Moms by Karen Kleiman



DONA International: Pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. 

Mama Natural: Pregnancy, gentle parenting, newborn care, and more.

Childbirth connection: Pregnancy and maternity information.

Lamaze International: Pregnancy, birth, and parenthood resource.

Kellymom: Breastfeeding and parenting support. 

Postpartum Support International: Postpartum resource.

Do you love learning about birth? Are you feeling anxious and wanting as much information as possible? Do you wish you knew what resources were local to you? Here's your place!

Photography by leah kornish.

Seeking more information regarding pregnancy, birth, postpartum, or PARENTING, please contact me and I can help guide you to a helpful resource!

Moms Mental Health Initiative

On Purpose Psyche Counseling

Lake Country Moms- Wisconsin Facebook Group and Events

Choice Matters Midwife Collective

Lake Country Pediatrics 

Beatitude Skincare & Wellness

Essense Family Chiropractic


Steps to take:

Photography by leah kornish

We will be in touch shortly. Meanwhile, feel free to browse our Facebook or Instagram feed @tolbirthdoula.


Thank you